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    gypsy pig products

Out of respect to our animals we take a great deal of care in the development of our free range pork products.

Our product range includes all fresh cuts of pork, sausages and smoked goods. Our bacon and ham is prepared by John Preston at Country Style Meats, Garfield.  For special occasions such as Christmas we also have available ham on the bone.

Gypsy Pig free range pork sausages and burgers are two of our specialties and we have some delicious varieties available - all of which are gluten free, made with herbs and spices and NO commercial premixes. 

The current Gypsy Pig sausage range includes: sausages

  • Spicy Italian - our flagship banger with a good dose of fennel & chilli and organic parsley
  • English Breakfast - a more mellow sausage with organic sage
  • Pork & Fennel - a very typical Italian style sausages
  • Apple and Dutch Cinnamon  - With just a hint of flavour
  • Traditional Pork - for the purist

The current Gypsy Pig burger range includes:

  • Sage & Coriander - a unique combination of flavours
  • Spicy Italian - loved by the spice enthusiasts



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